What Creativity Means to Me

I believe that creativity is a quality that all people posses, but not all people embrace.  Creativity is that quality that enables a person to leap beyond the boundaries of reality into a place where everything and anything is possible.  Creativity, for me, is my way of expressing my views, interpretations and feelings, without having to conform to society or other peoples’ beliefs.  Perhaps it’s a bit egotistical to say, but when I create a story, or a painting, I’m the master of that universe.  The power of ‘what if’ is in my hands and I can see a world unlike anything else. 

Creativity is both a skill and a talent.  The more it is used and developed, the sharper it becomes.  I believe that all people can be creative, not necessarily as a writer, or a painter, or in any of the accepted areas of creative arts, but in areas they feel a calling to.  If there is a passion inside them that calls for creation, the desire to innovate or improve, creativity will follow.  It doesn’t matter if they devise a way to bring water to the desert or make a model air plane out of paper clips.  I think the newness with which a person approaches any subject contributes to creativity.

I also think that the term art is rather subjective.  There are so many varying views on what should or shouldn’t be considered art.  To boil it down to the most basic ideal, I think art is anything that can be appreciated for not only its practicality and functionality, but its beauty, appeal, and ability to evoke an emotional response. 

Here's a little picture I put together to get you motivated to create.  Hope you like it.

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