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The Supernova Dream

by Douglas Clark

I wish there was a way to make my dreams come true. I mean an easy way. Doesn't it just seem like everything we want is always hard, involves tons of work, discipline, and determination, and takes so damned long, it makes you wonder why the hell you tried in the first place. When someone says "If it were easy, everyone would do it" or "Nothing worth doing is easy", why is that true?

I think the answer, in a word is Imagination. Life is the way it is. Nothing more, nothing less. But a human's ability to daydream, imagine the 'what ifs' and yearn for something more makes reality that much harder to simply accept. We know that things can be different, we understand that through our decisions, actions, efforts, and aspirations, we can make a difference. 

Without the recognition that we can change the world, we'd all just be worker ants, drones, the type of zombified shadows that drudge through life merely existing and not living. With…

The Inspiration Engine Book Review

-  By Douglas Clark

A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss Lawrence M. Krauss is a physicist and university professor with a long distinguished career. Holding a Ph.D. in physics from MIT he currently is the Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University. He has authored multiple books and been recognized by his peers with awards such as the American association for the Advancement of Science, the Presidential Investigator Award, and the Gravity Research Foundation award, to name a few.
Brief Description Lawrence Krauss takes the reader through a detailed view of the universe as we understand it today. By providing concise explanations of how we came to this knowledge and what it means, Krauss beings to expose the nature of the universe to the layman. With a strong foundation and clearly reasoned belief in the Scientific Method, Krauss makes his case that the data we have explaining the universe provides a reasonable and factual…