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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Watch Some TV!

By Douglas Clark

So, being a TV fanatic as I am, I'm always looking for the next great television show. Personally, Sci Fi is my favorite (and we're completely lacking in that regard right now), but I also have an interest in stories that focus on power, or lack of power, man's struggle against society, or vice versa. Lo and behold, I've found a couple. 

At the risk of sounding like a billboard, I'll give each show a plug. Not because I'm getting a kickback or anything, but because I think they are great shows. For me, each instills a sort of amazement. 

The first show is House of Cards. You might have heard of it. It's one of Netflix's first original productions, and I'd say they've created a masterpiece. It's based on a British original focusing on English politics, only restructured to fit the American political system. Besides the great casting, settings, writing, pacing, story lines, amazing and despicable characters, and intrigue, the introduction is amazing. 

The following clip is of the theme music only (you'll have to join Netfix to actually see the visuals that accompany it). But for me, this music alone sets the mood and tone for the show. It seems foreboding, haunting, and just a bit ominous, which is probably what the producers where going for. And I'd say they hit their mark.   

The second show on my list is Breaking Bad. Now I know this show is almost at the end of it's run, but that's all the more reason to bring it up. If you're interested in stories where a good guy falls from grace and allows the world to corrupt him, this is your story. I think it speaks to how easy it is to allow negativity and deceit to overpower you in times of crisis and need. For the main character, Walter White, life as he's lived it just becomes too much to bear, and he simple stops caring. The entire series follows his dissent into darkness. And it's an incredible ride. 

For me, only a few individual episodes stand out, but it's more the story as a whole that really makes an impact. What's cool about that is, you can sit and watch three or four episodes in a row (if you have the time) and really absorb what's going on. Now that it's on Netflix and DVD you don't have to endure the week long wait in between episodes. The opening is short and sweet, but it is distinct and engaging. 

Each of these shows has made an impact on me. I love story telling and any time I get to see a new perspective driving a story line, I'm interested. Most of the time with television, I think to myself, I could write a better episode. But with these two shows, I find myself thinking, I don't think I could do it better. Now that's awesome because it makes me feel challenged. And when that happens I get back to writing and push myself even harder. It also reminds me that others have followed their dream of writing and made it a success, so there's hope for me yet. I'm reminded of the times where I did nothing but daydream about writing, instead of actually putting pen to paper. All that combined focuses my energy to get something done.  

If you can find motivation and inspiration from things that challenge you, I think it provides a special sort of incentive to excel. What do you think? 

Thanks for reading.

Questions and comments are welcome.

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