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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who Are You?

By Douglas Clark

Who are you? The character Kosh on the sci fi television series Babylon Five would ask that of a few of the main characters, especially during times of self-doubt or pending change. We could ask ourselves the same question. Who are we? As individuals, as a society, as a species, we are all in a constant state of flux.

Recently an article was published about the relationship of Neanderthal and Human DNA. A small yet distinctive amount of DNA from Neanderthals is present in many of the humans alive today, despite geographic, social, ethnic, or political ties. Neanderthals are a species of Homo Sapiens that is considered to be an cousin to modern day people. They had similar intelligence, physical make up, abilities and skills. Having died out, they exist now only in our genetic code. But what does that say about us? As a species that wars, fights and hates against itself, we are the sole remnant of a species now vanished from this world.  

My mind swirls with the idea that within us we hold the tiniest bit of an entire race. What were the Neanderthals dreams? What did they long for? What did they imagine when they looked up at the starry night sky? Who did they love and care for? What pains and agonies did they suffer when loved ones died?  It may seem ridiculous to contemplate such things. After all, they were just ‘cavemen’ right? Well, if you really look at it, the Neanderthals were very much like us in many ways. And no matter how you look at it, they were related to us, physically, genetically, and in my mind, intellectually as well. They weren’t exactly human, but so very close our ancestors mated with them and formed families.

So in that regard, they are our kin, on many levels. What would you do if you were the sole holder of a memory of a lost love, a child, family? Would you want to preserve that memory and cherish it? If we are the keepers of every dream, desire, aspiration, and struggle of a lost race, shouldn’t we try harder to celebrate our commonalities, rather than fight because of our differences? The legacy of two human races depends on it. Think about it…

Thanks for reading.

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