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What Happened on 30th Street!

So last Sunday, almost the entire length of 30th Street (in San Diego) was closed down to automobile traffic to make way for pedestrians, bicyclists, roller skaters, skateboarders, joggers, etc. The city and other powers that be decided that opening up the local roads to citizens to walk and window shop would be a great way to promote local businesses and help people appreciate their city just a bit more. Having lived on 30th Street for over seven years, I can tell you, not only was it a pleasant change from all the bus, motorcycle, and car noises, but it also gave me a different perspective on my neighborhood. 

Usually, my street is bustling and humming with activity. It's a non-stop cavalcade of noise. Most of the time I can block it out. Other times, as with the really annoying straight pipe motorcycle guy that comes blasting through at 50 miles an hour, the cacophony is so disruptive, I simply must endure it until the ruckus passes. But on August 11th, blissful peace and quiet …