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Answers to the Game

Hi all.

Hope you like my little art guessing game. At the very least I hope that you were exposed to some art that you've never seen before. More importantly though, I hope you expanded you mind and artistic pallet to incorporate various genres and styles. So, to end the suspense, I've provided the answers below.  

1. Adoration of the Magi - 1496  - Filippino Lippi
2. Basket of Flowers (FabergĂ© egg) – 1901 Peter Carl Faberge
3. Hagia Sophia – 532 - Isidore of Miletus, Anthemius of Tralles
4. Self-portrait with two pupils – 1785 – AdelaideLabile-Guiard
5. Night Watch -1642-  Rembrant
6. Sydney Opera house – 1973 - Jorn Utzon 
7. L’Ange du Foyer -1937- Max Ernst
Thanks for reading. Questions and Comments are welcome!

The Fascination of Inspiring Paintings

Paintings are an extreme visual representation of emotion.  The first time I saw this painting, I was mesmerized.

L'Ange du Foyerby Max Ernst

This painting is so striking and animated, yet the agony I seen in that creature is so articulated I'm somewhat stunned.  It never fails to capture my attention every time I see it.

The next painting that has always had my attention is this one.

Persistence of Memory

This paiting is by Salvador Dali  I'm constantly perplexed by the meaning of this painting.  Time is always such a strange subject, putting its essence into a painting seems to complicate the idea. 

I hope you like my selections.  Think about concepts and ideas that interest you and see if you can find paintings that represent those ideals.  You might be very surprised at what you find!