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Your Mission, If you Choose to Accept it…

Douglas Clark

-Head writer, The Inspiration Engine

Have you ever thought or felt like you were wandering through life and things were just happening to you?Have you ever felt as if you had no power to direct the course you were heading toward?Ever feel as if you had no choice in the events and scenery in your field of view?Ever just feel totally directionless? I have and I hated it. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re a spectator in your own life.But it doesn’t have to be that way.Not at all!What you need is a mission.Something that drives you and fills you with motivation and passion, something that spurs you forward, regardless of the financial gains or losses, regardless of the snickering or derision of others. Something you’d do for free, or something you’d do even if YOU had to pay to do it.That’s a passion.Making your passion your mission in life gives you direction and focus. But how do you find your mission?For me, it took a long, long time to recognize something that …