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Let the Emotion Out

Douglas Clark
-Head writer, The Inspiration Engine

When it comes to fiction writing I've been asked why I don't write more happy stories. I receive comments from time to time that my stories are gritty, full of emotion, profound and a lot of times, dark. My response to that is, I always strive for an emotional response. You see to me, reading is about expression. 
My experiences in life taught me to engage those feelings and come to terms with them. I guess for some writers it would be easy to put aside all of their personal experiences and just write happy stories. After all, for some writers and readers literature is an escape from reality, finding a way to disconnect from troubling things.
I've always thought of literature as exploration of the mind, dreams, feelings, fantasies, and of course the ‘what ifs’. Many times I find I want to convey a specific feeling or explore a certain possibility that my characters need or should experience. Personal growth has always been …

Let Your Mind Wander

Douglas Clark
-Head writer, The Inspiration Engine

Do you daydream? How about just letting your mind wander to where ever it may go? I’ve often heard the old saying “you’re either a dreamer or a doer.” However, that seems rather restrictive doesn’t it? Daydreaming lets your brain explore possibilities that we all know pragmatism and reality would squash in a second. I find that some of my best ideas come to me when I just let go of all the mental baggage, all the stresses, all my cares and responsibilities and just simply think.
Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But it’s not. So I’m going to pose a simple challenge. In the next few days, find time to carve out about 10 minutes of free, daydreaming time to just let your mind wander. Take note of what comes to mind, write them down even, and see what inspiration you can come up with. I’d say take about five minutes before hand to really relax and unwind first, just to make sure you’re still not pestering yourself about doing the dishes or f…

Dreams are Hard Work

Did you ever think for a moment that what you really wanted in life might just be too hard to get? Did you ever think it would be easier to just dream about what you want instead of actually doing all the hard work involved in actually earning it? I’ll tell you straight out, yes, I’ve thought those things. I’ve been in love with the dream of being a published, successful writer for so long, sometimes I find myself indulging in the fantasy of writing, rather than actually DOING it. I’d imagine elaborate scenarios where I’m accepting an award for an amazing piece of literature I created, or signing a multi-million dollar book deal. I’ve got a good imagination so you can assume the fantasy was pretty impressive. Now I’ve also sat and contemplated all the things involved in making those fantasies a reality. You know what it comes down to? A shit ton of hard work. That’s right. Making a dream a reality requires determination, persistence, perseverance and a lot of backbreaking, mind bendin…