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Weekend Fun #2

Okay, here's a fun little exercise. This weekend write a short story. Relax it's going to be really short. For this story, your word count has to match exactly to your age. For me, I have 38 words to tell a good story. I'd say anyone nearing 100 is going to have a way easier time than any readers in their teens. 

Good luck. I'll post my story on Monday. Give it a shot, I'd love to read what you come up with.

Thanks for reading. 
Questions and comments are welcome.

Weekend Fun #1

I was thinking that this weekend we could try something a little different. So here is the assignment, if you're adventurous enough to try. 

Take a few pictures of something, the twist is that you must take the pictures from unusual, non-traditional, and/or obscure angles. The goal here is to change your perspective on one simple thing. 

I'll post my pics on Monday with my thoughts. If you're daring enough to share, you can post your pictures and thoughts too. 

See you Monday!

Thanks for reading.

Questions and comments are welcome!