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America Is Dead!

Douglas Clark
-Head writer, The Inspiration Engine

You think that’s democracy you’re tasting? Wrong. While you were sleeping, they secretly replaced your democracy with Oligarchy. That super-rich, sweet tasting form of government that fattens the pockets a select few in power while the masses get to starve on empty promises and the tasty calories of false hope. You better like eating air, because the super-rich powers-that-be would gladly watch you starve to death as they take the last crumpled dollar from your wallet. 

If the preceding dose of reality was too much for you, perhaps you can digest the true fate of American politics with former President Jimmy Carter’s eloquent words. The super-rich have been raping this country for a long time. It’s no surprise. That’s what the rich have always done. The fact that most people don’t do anything about it is even more disturbing. Seriously, the transformation from republic democracy to oligarchy is blatant, pervasive, and painfully obvious.…